Why You Should Quit MLM NOW!

Hi there, Calvin here from Young & Wildly Successful. You’re probably wondering why I think you should quit network marketing. And I’m going to explain it all in this video, because there’s really five reasons why you should quit network marketing and why you should have done it a long time ago. Because so many people that are in network marketing will give it up along the way, so you may as well quit right now, because there’s five key reasons why you won’t be successful, and why network marketing is going to cause you to fail.

Now, this might sound counter-intuitive, might sound a bit against the grain. It might sound even arrogant of me to say these things, considering I work with so many network marketing clients, and that’s precisely why I’ve taken the time to record this video. Because I want to be straight up with you, I’ve worked with hundreds of thousands of people now, in over 70 countries in the world, many of them in network marketing, and most of them are making no money. And the reason why is because they are having a network marketing mindset.

It’s a network marketing mindset. Number one, the reason why most network marketers don’t succeed, and the reason why you should quit being a network marketer right now, this second, is because they don’t see themselves as business owners. They’re not business owners, they’re network marketers.

The second reason why you should quit network marketing is because they’re not network marketing, they’re not even marketers. They’re not getting in there actually doing any marketing. Spamming people is not marketing. Adding friends on Facebook is not marketing. Asking your friends and family, that’s called referring. It’s not marketing, it’s not a marketing strategy, so the number one reason is they’re not business owners, you’re not a business owner. Number two, you’re not a marketer.

Number three, you people that are in network marketing are told not to be salespeople. Well, what are you? If you’re not a business owner, and you’re not a marketer, and you’re not a salesperson, I don’t know what you’re doing right now, and that’s one of the reasons. Number four is that you don’t value add. You don’t actually do anything different to anybody else in the industry, or even anyone in your business.

How many people do you know that sell the same thing? Well, everybody, because you’re told that’s okay. Just tell your friends and family. Well, guess what happens. When you have no friends and family left because either they don’t want to work with you anymore, or that they’re being spammed, or that they’ve joined already, well guess what, you’re not a salesperson, you’re not a marketer, and you’re not a business owner. Now you have no value add. There’s no key distinction.

And what those four things mean is the fifth thing. The fifth reason why network marketers fail is because they haven’t figured out that this whole thing requires a shift in mindset. I’ll repeat that, the fifth reason why you should quit network marketing right now is because 99% of network marketers haven’t realized that there is a shift in mindset. You need to quit being a network marketer, and you need to start being, right now, an entrepreneur.

As of today, I don’t want you to ever say that you’re a network marketer. I don’t ever want to say that you work for a company, because that’s called a job, by the way, not a business. I want you to start saying, “I’m a business owner. I’m an entrepreneur. I’m a marketer. I’m a salesperson. I have a point of difference. I see myself as somebody.” Because you know what? I travel all the time. In fact, last year I was in 17 countries. The year before that, I was in 21 countries around the world.

When I go through security, you would have seen it if you’ve done an international flight recently, you’ve got to fill in on a little slip of paper what your job description is or what your title is. You know what I write down, and have written down since I was 11 years old? Entrepreneur. If you put down health professional, or if you put down network marketer, or if you put beauty, or skincare, or whatever it is that you think you do, anything less than entrepreneur is not going to cut it.

But if you think just by being in network marketing that you are an entrepreneur, you’re sadly mistaken. Because a business owner, an entrepreneur, looks at the five key areas of any business. Sales, marketing, operations, finance and legal, and finally leadership. You guys are not doing that, and that’s the reason why most people in the industry don’t make any money.

The reason why you should quit being a network marketer and then become an entrepreneur, you can keep selling the same stuff, but now you’ve got to see yourself as a business owner, somebody that cares about marketing and lead generation, online and offline. Someone that sees themselves, number two, as a sales person. You’ve got to see yourself as a salesperson. You’ve got to start considering that your role in business, no matter what you do, is to sell people. If you’re not selling somebody in your business, your business is dying.

Now, I don’t care what they told you about having a “why,” I don’t care what they told you about, “Don’t worry at all about developing the people.” It is about those things. But if you don’t sell anybody, you ain’t got no people. Is it making sense?

I’m not telling you to quit actually being involved in a company in network marketing, I’m telling you to quit the mindset of a network marketer. I’m telling you to stop doing the things that everyone in your industry does, because guess what, the statistics don’t lie. Ninety-three to ninety-seven percent of recent studies of network marketers mean that they make no money. No money. Or not enough to pay the bills, certainly.

So there is a percentage. There’s 1% of people that are at the very top of the game that are making a lot of money. And yes, they have done a lot of good work, but they see themselves as business owners. You know the best business in network marketing is the business of building a network marketing business, not being in it. The people that have a network marketing company are the one’s that make a lot of money, because they understand that they are business owners. They understand that they are marketers that have to do actual marketing work, which means advertising, it means promoting, it means brand recognition.

I once had one company tell me that their network marketing business was the apple of the network marketing world, because they don’t have to market. Well, guess what, Apple spends billions of dollars every year on marketing. So you have to understand that everything that they do, their shop front, their marketing in terms of, whether it be paid advertising, billboards, mobile advertising, TV ads. I’m not encouraging you to go traditional, but I am encouraging you to go digital. You’ve got to consider yourselves to be a business owner, a salesperson, a marketer, which means somebody that understands marketing, which understands who’s your customer. It’s not everybody.

Too many people I speak to go, “Oh, who’s your customer in network marketing? Everybody. Anyone that wants to lose weight.” Well, that’s half the world. In fact, there’s 1.4 billion people that are overweight or obese. Which slice of the pie would you like? It’s not going to cut the mustard, guys. If it was easy, everybody would do it, and the reason why most people don’t do it is because they don’t see themselves as a business owner, they don’t see themselves as a marketer. They see themselves as a networker, but not a marketer. They think that marketing is done by the company. Huh-uh, it’s done by you. It’s done by you, because you’ve got to develop your own brand and your own position and your own marketing.

And, most importantly, what’s your point of difference? In fact, I’m going to back this video up with a whole other video about what is your point of difference. Because guess what, if I’ve got 100 people, whatever company it is, Avon, Isagenix, Amway, Nu Skin, Juice Plus, Genesse, [inaudible 00:06:42]. The list goes on, and on, and on, right? Herbalife, the list goes on. If I put 100 of your reps in a room, guess what, you all sell the same stuff, so there’s no point of differential.

And guess what happens. Imagine McDonalds. Imagine McDonalds has a menu, and it’s the same menu for every McDonalds store. Well guess what, McDonalds has a geographical location, a territory. That means that they don’t put a McDonalds within a kilometer or two of another McDonalds. Why? Because if I’m down the street, and there are two McDonalds, I’ll just go to whichever one was closest to me.

Same thing happens in network marketing, but most people don’t get the idea that if your best friend is in network marketing, and your best friend’s friend is in network marketing, and your mum’s in network marketing, and everyone else is in network marketing, there’s nobody left to prospect. So what’s your point of difference? How do you stand out in a noisy marketplace? That’s why you’ve got to quit being a network marketer, and instead become a business owner, become an entrepreneur.

Be someone that sees themselves as a brand, as an asset, that can add value to the market, not just take. You’ve got to make sure you understand who your client is. What are their dreams, desires, aspirations, fears, and challenges, and interests? And positioning yourself. Marketing is two things, positioning and value creation to win this game, because most people don’t do that, and they wonder why they don’t make any money. That’s because most businesses don’t make much money. You can be in network marketing. You can be a business owner. If you see yourself as a business owner, you’re going to take more responsibility.

I want you to consider, to buy a McDonalds franchise, I’ll use the example just because I’ve talked about it before, costs on average between $1 million to $3 million dollars. If you paid $3 million, do you think you’d care about marketing? Do you think you’d care about the sales? Don you think you’d care about business operations, procedures, and processes? Do you think you’d care about your finance and legal situations? Do you think you’d care about leadership, hiring the right people, paying the right people the right salaries? Those things would matter a lot more than if you’d paid $500 or $350, and you’ve got to distribute or if you’ve got a website.

Quit network marketing right now. Quit. In fact, fire yourself before somebody else does. And I want you to start, I want you to be employed tomorrow, I want you to start being an entrepreneur. Quit being a network marketer, start being an entrepreneur. You can still sell the same products or services, but now it’s part of a vehicle, which is business, rather than being in network marketing. Because if you see yourself only as a network marketer you’ll never succeed.

It’s like a plumber that see’s themselves only as a plumber. It’s like an accountant that sees themselves as an accountant. It’s like a speaker who sees themselves as a speaker, or a coach who sees themselves as a coach. It’s the same stuff, guys, just different medicine.

If you see yourself as what you do and not the business as a vehicle, you’ll only ever be as good as that. Networkers are only ever as good as networkers, coaches are only as good as coaches, plumbers are only as good as plumbers. I want you to consider that, “I’m not a plumber, I’m a owner of a plumbing business, and what I happen to do is plumbing. I’m not a network marketer, I am a owner of a network marketing business. I’m an entrepreneur who owns a network marketing business that performs that asset, that allows me to come and go when I please.” That’s a business owner, that’s an entrepreneur, not a network marketer.

So in final, in closing. Quit being a network marketer, become an entrepreneur. Focus on sales, focus on marketing, focus on leadership, focus on [inaudible 00:09:42], focus on finance and legals. Get that shit sorted. And above all else, live strong and live with passion. Make today, guys, and every day a phenomenal, life changing adventure. And above all else, like, comment, tag, share with another network marketer that needs to hear this.

It’s going to stir a couple of people up. The headline grabs your attention. I hope you understand that it was about delivering value for you. Live strong, live with passion, make sure to live life on your terms. I’ll see you on the next video guys. Remember, quit being a network marketer. Stop it. Become an entrepreneur today.

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