Y&WS New Year’s Resolution Part 1: Start By Stopping

A brand new years is upon us, and those New Year’s Resolutions are getting thrown about left, right and center!

We here at Young and Wildly Successful want to see you make 2014 your best year yet, and through out 12 part Google Hangout Series we will give you the tools to make it happen!

See part 1 below.

- Highlights & Opportunities for Growth in 2013
- What difference did you make?
- Who did you help, love and support?
- When did you live with passion?

- Did I live fully?
- Did I use the gifts and talents I was given?
- How much did I grow Personally, Professionally, Physically and Spiritually?
- Did my $$, Body, Career, Partner and life match my standards in life?

- What am I most proud of?
- Where did I excel in life?
- What are the opportunities I have available for 2014?

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