Y&WS New Year’s Resolution Part 3: Why Do You Want It?

Today we are asking a big question, and one that most people don’t actually have an answer to…


 Why do you want what you want?

Most people think they know why they want it, but what they’re actually looking for is a feeling not a result.

To be successful in business and in line you need to START with WHY.  Leaders communicate why, not what and how, Managers communicate what and how. This is the difference that makes the difference in your business, relationships and anything you apply yourself to.


Here’s the challenge for you today;


WHY Investigator!

Pick one Outcome for 2014

 Why haven’t you completed it already?

Why didn’t you do it in 2013?

What will your life look like in 2014 if it was the same as 2013?

Why you’re committed to achieving that outcome?

Why will having/ making that dream become a reality make a difference in your family, career, work, finances, life, and happiness?

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