Y&WS New Year’s Resolution Part 4: Seek Progress NOT Perfection

Y&WS New Year’s Resolution Part 4: Seek Progress not Perfection

Today we have a look at why Progress > Perfection!

People hold the vision in their minds about what it’s going to be, how it’s going to be and when it’s going to be….

They end up getting stuck on the perfect job, the perfect client, the perfect partner, and in the end they MISS out on all the opportunities along the way.



A brilliant discipline we want to share with you all;

Weekly Reflections are the key to building progress and momentum.

See what worked, what didn’t and strive for progress!



Here are today’s questions (let us know your answers here on the blog)

1. How did I live this week?

2. How did I use the gifts and talents I was given to make a difference?

3. What progress did I make on my goals?
– ?/5 for each goal!


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