Who Do You Spend The Most Time With?


If you want to become a millionaire, go and spend the majority of your time with 5 millionaires.

If you want to become an extremely fit and strong person, go and spend the majority of your time with 5 fit and strong people.

Alternatively, if you want to become a drug addict, go and spend the majority of your time with 5 drug addicts.

Jim Rohn once stated “You are the average of the 5 people you spend most time with”.

Think about it – If you hang out with 5 fitness enthusiasts 90% of your time, you will do the things that they do. You will become one of them, have the habits that they have and learn about why they do the things that they do. By simply being around them you will pick up their language and start to talk like they do.

Look at the people around you – You are them. And if you aren’t them yet, you soon will be.

Does this scare you or does this empower you?

Your environment has a huge effect on where you are going in life. The people you associate with will be the people that you become.

If you want to achieve something different from what the group has then you must find another group. That doesn’t necessarily mean you need to de-friend your high-school buddies and BFF’s on Facebook and life, but simply understand that if you want to get what you truly desire, you must surround yourself with the people that have it for the majority of your time. You can still see your close friends, but keep them at an arm’s length and don’t hang around them so much.

There are many ways to upgrade your circle, but there are a few ways that make it easier.


This website has a group for just about anything from Business meetups, to dog walking, or business meetups that you can bring your dogs to. If there isn’t a group that has your particular taste, you can easily start your own. This is a good way to market your business to the right people too.

Find a Mentor

If you want someone who is successful in doing what you want to do, such as make a million dollars a year as a relationship coach, then find someone who is making two million dollars as a relationship coach and get them to show you how to do it. Befriend them and spend time with them. Their circle of friends will probably be the next level above that, so hang out with them too. Can’t find a mentor or you live somewhere away from civilisation? Take the next step:

Read a Book

That’s right, read a book. There are millions of books written by millions of people who are absolute experts in their field. Just by absorbing their knowledge in this format you will learn a lot, become inspired and take the appropriate actions to get the results you want.

Listen to Podcasts

There are some wonderful podcasts out there that star unbelievably intelligent and inspiring people. Two that are definitely worth your time are:

The Tim Ferriss Show - http://fourhourworkweek.com/podcast/

Smart Passive Income - http://www.smartpassiveincome.com/category/podcast/

You can search through thousands of great podcasts, depending on what you want to know. Put them on while driving or at the gym!

If your circle of friends don’t inspire you towards your vision, you need to upgrade. As the famous quote goes: “If you’re the smartest person in the room, you need to find a new room”.


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